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Lorelei Roux

Muse of a Gen X Girl

Lorelei Roux is an American songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist producer.

"Her composition 'Unstoppable' is the work of a genius as the complex blending of instruments creates a strong tune that is rich with a magnitude of intense feelings, heightening your brain receptors, blinding you and leaving you speechless" writes TunePical.

Lorelei Roux occupies and navigates two worlds of quite varying discovery: a world of technology by trade and a world of shamanism by path.

She is a seeker–at once a dominion of their own history and an interpreter of philosophies surrounding the unknown.

In understanding that life is a series of quests, she has used both the written and spoken word as navigational tools, whether folkloric or historical… lyrical or poetic.

As such, her own work as healer, musician, and writer, are maps marked with love, loss, redemption, and tribulation.

She currently resides in New York, where she continues to share what she has gathered via music, literature, and apothecary.  

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Lorelei Roux has the talent and the power to gather people around her stories, through music and art in general, which became the safe space Lorelei Roux needed to express herself. Read more at: https://www.billboardhiphop.com/2021/12/lorelei-roux-releases-you-left-me-dry.html Copyright ©” - Billboard Hip-Hop

Billboard Hip-Hop

Lorelei Roux is known for delivering hard hitting lyrics that are conveyed with precision, over experimental, unconventional production that borrows different aspects from a wide gamut of genres and influences. She makes it her aim to not only inspire people with her music, but to use it as a conduit to proclaim a message that will revolutionize an entire generation.” - Pitchfork Music

Pitchfork Music (Review)

Blissful organic arrangement pours through to immediately connect as Lorelei Roux’s Unstoppable stylishly blends the intricacies of trip hop with the artistry of jazz and folk. Introducing a uniquely emotive instrumental, colourful and naturally crafted, bringing together real-time instruments and production details for a refreshingly uplifting listen, Unstoppable makes for an easy highlight from this winter’s new releases so far. ” - Rebecca Cullen

Stereo Stickman

“Go” is driven by insistent growling basslines and blazing synths, underscored by a thumping drumbeat. It sounds like familiar high-energy EDM but with some lovely instrumental twirls to it. Where things really spice up though is when you look beyond this dance-driven track. Lorelei Roux has taken really specific elements of her catalogue of sounds and melodies and worked them in superbly genius ways.” - TunedLoud


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New & Improved

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