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"Unstoppable" has a sense of intrigue imbibed in it which kind of keeps us attentive and captivates us right from the start. Overall, Lorelei Roux has done a phenomenal work in her single.” - Jukebox Times

Jukebox Times

“Unstoppable” rolls on a Lo-fi downbeat groove. Electronic and organic instruments paint a rich tapestry of sound over a chill beat. Ambient synths and strings paint the edges of the mix as a series of acoustic instruments play the song’s central melodic theme. The piece is a beautiful introduction to a very talented artist.” - Bob Smith

The Static Dive

Tuesday already, we needed to find a refreshing musical project, Our discovery comes at the right time. Without further ado, let’s discover one of the most exciting instrumental experiences around and the single entitled "Unstoppable", Be ready to receive like we did, a strong dose of energy, an electrifying musical moment.” - Pitchfork Music

Pitchfork Music (Interview)

Lorelei Roux’s composition “Unstoppable” is the epitome of a masterclass in melodic transcendence with the stunningly innovative quality sound having a way of communicating with the listener that is unmatched.” - African Hype

African Hype

From the outset, “Unstoppable” is an absolutely delightful song that exhibits the natural sonic talents of Lorelei Roux. From a thematic standpoint, the tone of this song comes across as capturing the spirit of standing undaunted in the face of great peril, truly providing credence to the title Roux chose for this song. The message presented within this song invokes feelings of inspiration, hope and even a little euphoria; I could imagine hearing this song on the legendary lo-fi beats to study to playlist and the uplifting way it makes you feel can definitely help you perform some tasks that need some extra motivation to complete.” - Which Coast

Which Coast

“Unstoppable” is the work of a genius as the complex blending of instruments creates a strong tune that is rich with a magnitude of intense feelings, heightening your brain receptors, blinding you and leaving you speechless. The complex bleeding of the piano, guitar and other multiple instruments create a full-scale orchestra worthy of Oscar presentation. This one will take any over of instrumental music to another realm where you wouldn’t want to come back. ” - TunePical


“Go!” is the brand new single from Lorelei Roux, released worldwide to all major streaming services on November 19, 2021. On the new song, she takes a 180 degree stylistic turn into a groovy retro-futuristic Electro-House vibe. Gone are the analog instruments and record scratches of “Unstoppable.” “Go!” is all electronic, with pulsing Synthwave arpeggios and a cinematic Sci-fi vibe” - Bob Smith

The Static Dive